5 Steps Process

5 Step Process

1 | Brainstorming Share your ideas and expectations

This can be rather easy and smooth process. You provide with the ideas and we bring our expertise; together we will come up with the best planning in each step of the process.
Tell us what you need or what do you want to do while you are in Spain. If you are not sure how to put your ideas together and organize a nice structured trip, don’t worry -- brainstorm what you want to do, visit and learn and we will do the rest.
Give us one week and we will send you a revise edition with a proposed structure, thematic approach and list of activities and events that may be interesting for the group.
Then we discuss the draft and refine your program preferences, academic requirements, focus of interest, dates, activities and all.

2 | Work on proposal

Once we have the first draft of the program approved, Infinite Spur will make all the necessary arrangements, appointments and schedules so everything runs smoothly and according to program, calendar and schedule.
During this part of the process we will keep close contact with the coordinating faculty through emails and videoconferencing. We can also hold videoconferences with the students if you decide that it will help you promote the course.

3 | Pre departure information

Prior to departure it is very important that the faculty at home collects all the necessary student information including the full names of students, passports numbers, the personal questionnaires, housing and any additional information that may be required.
Once the group is organized, Infinite Spur will provide the group access to the online program, so all students can have access to all the information on the program, including specific readings, videos, calendar and schedules.

4 | On-Site Coordination

Upon arrival to your program destination, local Infinite Spur staff will assist and manage all the details of your program.
Students will have access to all the material of the course online, so they can easily download the calendar, activities, places and events that we visit as well as all of the information of the guest participants.

5 | Follow-up

At the end of the program, we’ll send all students a program evaluation and share the conclusions with you.


    1) Fill out this questionnaire.

    2) We will contact you to design the program for you.

    3) Enjoy in Spain! We will be here to make sure that everything works as planned.


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Our dreams are somehow similar. Only those who are willing to commit and to continue working towards their goals despite the difficulties, will be able to achieve them.

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