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Dates: Nov 6th, 7th and 14th (Weekend sessions)

Location: Unibe, San José, Costa Rica
Language of Instruction: Spanish

This course is specifically designed for last year college students, recent graduates or young professionals committed to empower their leadership potential. 

Course fee: $600  

· Academic program (blended learning 20 hours class time & 25 online) 
· Online Advising 
· Orientation (online & onsite) 
· Professional program: Professional seminars & workshops. 
· Graduation Ceremony. 


Life is a roller coaster full of challenges, decisions, and emotions, this is the complex and beautiful nature of our existence at any place, any time, and at any age. The issue is not whether we are ready to face any situation, but rather how we prepare ourselves for it. How we deal with opportunities and choices may have a significant impact not only in our personal and professional lives, but also in the lives of the people around us.

In this course, students will learn to identify their strengths and skills and work to empower them. They will become familiar with different leadership styles; they will have the opportunity to explore their talents and weaknesses, find their leadership style, and learn how they work best in different leadership contexts. Topics include review of leadership theories, self-assessment; team empowerment, drawing the vision, formulating strategy and planning. 

The course is specifically designed to empower the leadership skills of young professionals at the start of their career. It is an excellent for opportunity to learn the about their leadership skills when leading teams in a professional environment.  

· Learn about your Leadership skills and potential.
· Engage in online & onsite discussions and classroom activities to build on the readings of the course. 
· Take command of your learning, and self-reflection.  
· Elaborate on your goals, experiences, and desires.
· Connect the course materials to your situation and future career 


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