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This course is designed to introduce the students in the basic principles of leadership and how to apply them in their everyday life. The purpose of authentic leadership development is to empower participants as future leaders and to embark them on the path of personal leadership development. It is an intensive reflective course that requires personal curiosity and reflection from the students, as well as personal openness and sharing in class and leadership discussions. Leadership concepts used in this course will be immediately useful for students and are applicable for the rest of their lives. 
The course, will provide students with many ideas, techniques and tools to assist in their leadership development journey, exploring concepts such as lifelong leadership development, their life crucibles, discovering your authentic self, your leadership styles and power and learning about your principles, values and ethical boundaries.  
The course is specifically designed as an introduction to the path of personal development. It is a great opportunity for college students committed to empower their leadership potential when exploring their current situation and future professional future. 



​· Learn about your Leadership skills and potential.
· Become familiar with the concepts and principles of Authentic Leadership Development. 

· Take ownership of your life experience, talents and weaknesses.

· Take command of your leadership development learning.
· Elaborate your own goals and 5-year Vision Plan.


Dates: Nov 9th to 13th (Evening sessions)

Location: Unibe, San José, Costa Rica
Language of Instruction: Spanish

This course is specifically designed for pre-college or college students. 
Course fee: $600  

· Academic program (blended learning 20 hours class time & 25 online) 
· Online Advising 
· Orientation (online &onsite) 
· Professional program: Professional seminars & workshops. 
· Graduation Ceremony. 


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