As Jack Ma declares, “if we don´t change the way we teach, in the future we will be in trouble.” But this “future” is not so far away and it is fast approaching our schools and education systems. A new generation of students (Generation Z) require new ways of learning and working, and it is in our hands to adapt to their requests. Thus, our classroom and methodologies have to adapt –more than ever– to this new context; and with it, all personal that teaches and works in the school. 

It is in this context that we see the need to train school leaders, administrators and teachers with new competences of leadership, management and methodologies more adequate to our global education setting. Bringing change to the school community requires that the school leadership team can lead the school through the process of change as well as all of the staff and school community. To so do effectively the new leader has to refine their leadership & management skills to be able to synchronize and integrate all the agents into the process of change.  

The course will introduce participants to some of the main theories of leadership and empowerment (Bennis & Goleman), as well as to the Learning Organization (Senge) applied to the educational context.   


·  Learn about your Leadership skills and potential.

· Engage in group activities to empower your team-building skills to be able to solve problems through design thinking processes, collaboration, and creativity.

· Learn about the new methodologies and theories of integrated learning in the field of education.

· Learn how to adapt the new needs of the student population on the curricula, processes and identity of the school. 


Dates: Nov 16th to 20th (Evening sessions)

Location: Unibe, San José, Costa Rica
Language of Instruction: Spanish

This course is specifically designed for teachers and administrator of K-12 schools. institutions. 
Course fee: $600  

· Academic program (blended learning 20 hours class time & 25 online) 
· Online Advising 
· Orientation (online &onsite) 
· Professional program: Professional seminars & workshops. 
· Graduation Ceremony. 

Enlla Mercado

"They are challenging courses, and if you are really interested in Marketing, Fashion and Culture, I definitely recommend them ..."

Génesis Rodriguez

"I loved them...the teachers have taught us very well, we have met famous designers, the small groups have allowed us to work very well ..."

Ana Rosa Gonzalez

"It has been a great experience, I loved working with a small group of international students. It has given me great value..."


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