This course will introduce students to the art of digital photography as a tool to visually explore new societies, peoples, and cultures. Students will learn about the fundamentals of photography, technical composition, framing, and editing while exploring the narrative of different photographic genres such as street photography or photojournalism. As a background, they will learn about the evolution of Madrid’s people, culture, arts, history, and society through time.

The course integrates theoretical and practical sessions. Classroom sessions will be combined with onsite assignments where students will create their own digital narrative portfolio exploring a particular social or historical aspect, district, or event in the city of Madrid. Experience the city through the lens of your camera. This course offers endless opportunities to fall in love with the city. It includes an extensive program of visits and guided tours to the different districts of the city where you will be able to capture the vibrant life of a multicultural metropolis. There will be different activities including field trips to photo exhibits, art galleries, and museums as well as meetings with professionals in the field of visual arts.

Program structure: 

Online Sessions: It is a three-week program where students cover the content of the course online through synchronous classes meeting weekly with the professor and classmates in real time.  Students can do individual work as well as collaborative work on specific topics and projects.


Onsite immersion: As a conclusion of the program students will participate in a two-week immersion program in Madrid, Spain. This capstone experience will allow participants to enjoy a full direct learning, visiting all cultural and historical sites subject of study as well as meeting all partners, experts and guest that participated in the previous part of the program.  

Spanish Language Class: Students enrolled in this program can benefit from an additional optional Spanish Class where they will have the opportunity to improve their Spanish Language Skills and get introduced to the culture of Spain.  

Program: Online Sessions:  3 weeks *

                   Onsite immersion: 2 weeks

Dates:  Session 1: June 2020

              Session 2: July 2020

              Session 3: January 2021

Site: Alcala de Henares / Madrid (Spain)

Language of Instruction:  English

Precios: Full program (online + onsite): 2,600 €

                Online Session:  500 €

                University course accredited (optional): 600 €

* You are welcome to complete the online part only.  For more information check out the payment conditions.

Full program includes:

  • University course accredited (optional - 3 credits - 45 hours)

  • Infinite Spur Certificate of Attendant

  • Personalized advising and onsite orientation

  • Insurance

  • Accommodation (double rooms)

  • 3 meals/day

  • Company visits

  • Cultural activities and excursions

  • 24/7 local support





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