Some people believe that innovation springs from spontaneous inspiration that miraculously strikes the inventor. In fact, that is not the case. The most useful innovations are the result of a careful and methodical study of the human condition, the creative observation of different products, followed by the painstaking exploration of ideal solutions until we develop our unique idea.


This course is a great opportunity for students looking to directly explore the broad world of design. Some students feel that they have an inner instinct that inclines them to be creative and “design” ideas or products, but often times they do not know how to channel and develop their spark. During this course they will learn to do just that.


Students will develop new skills in observation, ideation, problem finding, and problem solving. They will share their ideas by learning how to communicate and critique them. They will also learn about the experiences, stories, challenges and ethics in the world of design.


Classroom sessions will be combined with site visits and meetings with designers of different fields so students can learn from their experience, techniques, and work. Students will work in small group projects to develop their own product or project. At the end of the course students will create a virtual exhibit with their work.

Credits: 3
Languague of instruction: English
Location: Madrid

Talking about Infinite Spur is referring to one of the world´s greatest Alpine challenges. Reaching the top is an extraordinary task and provides great satisfaction. 
Our dreams are somehow similar. Only those who are willing to commit and to continue working towards their goals despite the difficulties, will be able to achieve them.

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