Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia



The goal of the program is to provide students with a direct immersion experience in the European fashion and design industry focusing specifically in Spain. Students will have the opportunity to learn about some of the most relevant Spanish fashion industries including clothing, footwear, and jewelry, and fashion, participate craft workshops, visit institutions, exhibitions, and related museums, as well as relate with different professionals in the sector participating in round tables, companies, and other activities. 


  • To provide an immersion experience to the students and learn about the Spanish fashion industry, design, production, and international marketing.

  • To learn about crafts, techniques, sustainable manufacturing, and observe creative processes and fashion, one of the most important sectors of the Spanish economy.

  • To provide students with unique experiences that help them get to know themselves and identify possible professional opportunities in a global context.

  • Learn about the rich artistic and cultural heritage of Spain and Europe.
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Details of the program

Duration: 3 weeks (flexible)

Location: Madrid, Barcelona & Valencia (Spain)

Language of Instruction: Spanish

  • Participation Diploma

  • Online classroom support

  • A full program of company, private and public agencies visits.

  • Cultural program and trips

  • Accommodation (university dorms, double occupancy, three meals).

  • Predeparture orientation program

  • 24/7 supervision

  • Health Insurance