Institute programs are designed for students who want to empower their personal and professional skills in a dynamic and innovative learning environment. The Institute offers an intensive four-week program focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship integrating a wide variety of cultural and pre-professional development activities, including lectures, seminars, company visits, networking sessions, and topic-specific panels. Participants develop their personal and professional skills ( leadership ) as they engage in hands-on real-life entrepreneurial projects in an international and intercultural environment.

Please refer to Infinite Spur Institute Brochure to design your leadership program.



Madrid is one of the most important and vibrant cities of Europe. This historical site, capital of Spain, is located in the center of the country which makes it very accessible for students, travelers, business and an ideal site for hosting all sorts of events. Madrid is home to some of the most prestigious museums and exhibits, national and international companies and world institutions. It also offers exciting entertainment opportunities all year-round including concerts, parks, soccer games, wonderful gastronomy and great shopping.


One of the most traditional cities in Southern Spain, Malaga offers today a lesson in reinvention. Birthplace of Pablo Picasso and home to Arabic monuments such as the Alcazaba, Malaga is today recognized today as “the city of museums”. It is now home to some of the most prestigious European Museums and Galleries including the Picasso Museum, the Thyssen, Pompidou or Hermitage. Malaga has also transformed itself to become the center of reference of fashion, art, design and technological entrepreneurship, all of this without losing its fascination for the fiesta, the wonderful gastronomy and lively night life.


Barcelona is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. Located in the northeast region of Spain, between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, the city offers a rich cultural heritage, history and language. Barcelona is home to some of the most prestigious modern Spanish painters and architects such as Picasso, Dali, Miró or the great Gaudi, whose works make the city truly unique. The city is also a leading economic and business center with a booming economy and thrilling social and cultural life.

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