Life is a roller coaster full of challenges, decisions, and emotions; some of them are good and some of them are not so good. This is the complex and beautiful nature of our existence at any place, any time, and at any age. The issue is not whether or not we are ready to face a particular situation, but how we prepare ourselves for it. How we deal with opportunities and choices may have a significant impact not only in our personal and professional lives, but also in the lives of the people around us.


In this course, students will learn to identify their own strengths and skills and work to empower them. They will become familiar with different leadership styles; they will have the opportunity to explore their own talents and weaknesses, find their own leadership style, and learn how they work best in different leadership contexts.


They will be encouraged to challenge their own beliefs and assumptions and will be invited to think on a systemoriented model. Topics include review of leadership theories, self-assessment; drawing the vision, formulating strategy and planning; building interpersonal leadership skills including motivation, performance management, and team work. Given that the course will be offered in an international context, it will allow students to explore the importance of interpersonal and intercultural skills when being part of an international team.


Finally, students will learn about technical leadership competencies in the areas of innovation, creativity, stress, and change management.

Credits: 3
Languague of instruction: English
Location: Madrid

Enlla Mercado

"They are challenging courses, and if you are really interested in Marketing, Fashion and Culture, I definitely recommend them ..."

Génesis Rodriguez

"I loved them...the teachers have taught us very well, we have met famous designers, the small groups have allowed us to work very well ..."

Ana Rosa Gonzalez

"It has been a great experience, I loved working with a small group of international students. It has given me great value..."


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