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Escritorio de oficina




Institute programs are designed for students who want to empower their personal and professional skills in a dynamic and innovative learning environment. The Institute offers an intensive four-week program focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship integrating a wide variety of cultural and pre-professional development activities, including lectures, seminars, company visits, networking sessions, and topic-specific panels. Participants develop their personal and professional skills (leadership) as they engage in hands-on real-life entrepreneurial projects in an international and intercultural environment.

Infinite Spur gives you the opportunity to plan and design the program that is better for you. The program offers 5 different courses and you should choose two of them. All of the cultural visits and professional entrepreneurship meetings will be arranged at the best convenient time. They can be scheduled in the morning or the afternoon.

Reunión de la Oficina
Escribiendo en vidrio
Herramientas de Matemáticas y Geometría

You can combine leadership and entrepreneurship online courses with business online courses

Horizonte urbano