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Everyone knows which is the language that is spoken the most all over the world. Right? It´s English. But Spanish is and will always be the third language with more that 400 million Spanish- speaking people, just behind the Chinese language. But what is happening in the USA? A country with 325 million people where Spanish is the first language for 40 million Americans and 11 million more that can speak it as a second language. Therefore, at the moment 16% of the American population can communicate in the Spanish language.

Advantages of learning a second Language for an American.

Scientists know the cognitive benefits that learning a language has on our brain: increase of control over attention, improved working memory, greater awareness of structure and form language, and better abstract and symbiotic representation skills.

Also, it has been thoroughly demonstrated that the effort to learn a second language delays the appearance of Alzheimer in the elderly.

Recent studies in the USA have demonstrated in addition that teaching a second language in schools reduces the number of school dropouts and facilitates finding better paid job positions.

There is a large Hispanic Community in the USA that can provide help to all those who want to learn Spanish, but when you have to decide where to study the best Spanish some doubts show up.

Is the Spanish that you study in Spain the best Spanish that you can learn?

There are several reasons for studying or practicing the Spanish language in Spain:

-Spanish for all: There are many different countries in the world, primarily in America, with different versions of the Spanish language but all of them are used to understanding the Spanish spoken in Spain because these countries have strong cultural and demographic relations with Spain. This is why if you learn the Spanish language in Spain you will be understood in any Spanish speaking country.

-For Security and well-being. Spain ranks the sixth place in countries of the world with the least violent deaths only behind Ireland, Singapur, Holland, Austria and Liechtenstein. The security of its citizens is fundamental in all Spanish cities.

-Because it is fabulous ! Spain is an exciting country and one of the most ancient in Europe with over 400 years since its creation and where Christian, Jewish, and Muslim cultures have lived together during many centuries.

Learning Spanish is a way to enjoy the Spanish and Latin American cultures more thoroughly – you can study Spanish in many of the charming cities in Spain which offer a wide selection of cultural activities. Here we will speak about three Spanish cities where you can study abroad if you do study in Spain.


The capital of Spain offers you all you need to understand the age-old culture of Spain, leisure and excellent food makes Madrid the center of Spanish culture. The three main museums are the Prado Museum, world reference of art, the Thyssen Bornemizsa Museum with one of the biggest private art collections in the world. Lastly, the Reina Sofia Museum dedicated to less classical works of art and where you can enjoy modern art paintings.


The city of Málaga, capital of the Costa del Sol, is one of the cities in Spain with the mildest climate, its average temperature being 18 º C all year round. It undoubtedly stands out for its great number of museums, some of which have secondary museums like the Center of The Collection of the Russian Saint Petersburg Museum in Málaga, which makes reference to the one existing in Saint Petersburg ( Russia) or the Pompidou Center Málaga Museum used as permanent Museum of some of the artworks from the well-known Pompidou Museum in Paris.

Málaga also stands out for the Malaga Picasso Museum, it being the city where the world – famous painter Pablo Picasso was born. Among the wide offer of museums is the Center of Contemporary Art of Malaga ( CAC ) and The Carmen Thyssen Museum built by the art lover and widow of the founder of the Thyssen- Bornemisza in Madrid.


The city of Barcelona offers its visitors very interesting cultural activities not only enjoying its architecture by well known architect Antonio Gaudi of which the Sagrada Familia Cathedral is his masterpiece. Barcelona stands out mainly for its Modern or Modernist Art Museum ( beginning of the Twentieth Century ), the Joan Miró Foundation, the Antoni Tapies Foundation and the Picasso Museum.


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