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The National Archaeological Museum in Madrid (MAN) recently developed a strategic partnership with Samsung to introduce the latest technology to the Museum. This new alliance just launched a new App called “MAN Aula Virtual” to make the Museum more accessible to the public around the world.

This unique and comprehensive Project started in 2017 and brings together over 15.000 photos of the pieces displayed in the museum collection together with 404 panoramic 360º photos of the different halls and rooms.

Virtual classes and tours for students from primary, secondary or high school.

MAN App is an excellent tool for teachers and offers the possibility of designing personalized virtual classes and tours for students from primary, secondary or high school. It is easy to use, and teachers have the option of choosing a predesigned tour or to build their itinerary selecting a period or topic of study and adding the pieces that he/she wants to include in the lesson/tour. Then, share it with the students so the whole group can access their specific class. Additionally, the itinerary may include questions or activities so the teacher can follow the group, make sure that students understand the explanations and evaluate student’s participation.

MAN App includes 20 predesigned itineraries for students in different school grades, from preschool to elementary& secondary school and high school.

For this purpose, museum experts have developed specific curricular adaptations for each of the itineraries offering more than 500 information points for the different educational levels. Thus, the student has accessible explanations to more than 3.000 illustrations and 2.000 archaeological objects adapted to their educational level.

“this pioneering educational tool allows us to design specific itineraries adapted to each subject and school level”

Alfonso Fernández, Director of Institutional Relations of Samsung Iberia is proud to present this new App celebrating that “this pioneering educational tool allows us to design specific itineraries adapted to each subject and school level. Thus, students can learn math, music or science, as well as history, through different thematic tours.” Furthermore, he states that "with this new application we can disseminate all the work we had already done with the museum..., thanks to the integration of history and technology everyone can access the museum collection from anywhere in the world."

Presentation of MAN App. Source: Infinite Spur, S.L.

Román Fernández-Baca Casares, General Director of Fine Arts in Spain, wanted to emphasize that “The support of companies such as Samsung, is and will continue to be essential for public administrations to offer a state-of-the-art quality and service. In this terms Samsung´s collaboration has provided invaluable support to developing the new App, thus placing the MAN in a privileged position within the educational and cultural virtual platforms.”

This new App will help bring Spanish Museums and national treasures closer to students, scholars and the general public all over the world. 

MAN is yet another excellent example of articulating new forms of dialogue between the Arts and Technology.   Congratulations from Infinite Spur, always seeking new ways of teaching and learning in our virtual world!

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