The goal of this course is to provide students with a general understanding of the principles of marketing in the context of international business and global marketing management. Students will learn about the importance to develop international marketing strategies, identify the different markets, treaties, and alliances at a global level. They will reflect on the importance of adapting to different environments at a cultural, political, and economic level and explore e main tools of marketing including international market analysis, decision-making process, product definition, goal setting, promotion, and distribution channels.

The course will focus on Spain and the fashion industry. Spain´s fashion industry is recognized among the top 10 in the world and it is one of the most important sectors in the country. Students will study different top Spanish fashion companies such as the Grupo Inditex, Mango, Muroexe, Magrit, Hawkers, or Ecoalf among others.  

In addition to the readings and coursework, students will participate in an international collaborative project through the creation of a particular product and develop its international marketing strategy. The group will attend different virtual workshops led by experts on Design Thinking Process where they will work on the product design. They will go through the ideation process, prototyping, design, and development of an international distribution strategy. Students will work on international teams and will have to launch for their product in an international virtual hackathon at the end of the course.



The structure of the hybrid course is defined in three different modules:

Online Sessions: It is a four-week program where students cover the content of the course through synchronous daily class meeting with the professor and classmates in real time.  Students will do individual as well as collaborative work on specific topics and projects. 

Bridge Sessions: Upon conclusion of the online sessions, students will come together twice a month to continue working in their collaborative projects until the beginning of the immersion module. Classes will also include specific advising sessions, workshops, roundtables and activities with guest speakers and business professionals.  This portion of the program is optional.

Onsite immersion session: As a conclusion of the program students will participate in a two-week immersion program in Madrid, Spain. This capstone experience will allow participants to enjoy a full direct learning, visiting all business and institutional sites subject of study as well as meeting all partners, experts and guest that participated in the previous part of the program. This portion of the program is optional and will be programmed when health and international travel conditions allow.


Teaching methodology combines synchronous classroom sessions with individual or group virtual classroom work.  


We use Zoom for the synchronous daily class meetings and Google Class for teaching support.


Length of the program: It is a four-week online program + (optional two-week immersion experience in Spain).


September 1st -25th, 2020



Synchronous 2 hours daily class meetings (schedule will be announced)


Cost of the program: 

Online Sessions (45hrs)                                     400€ *


Bridge and Immersion session will be announced.


Language of instruction: Spanish 


Site: online





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