Leadership, Sustainability, and Innovation in Spain



The goal of this program is to explore leadership, sustainability, and design in an international context. It is a one-month experience that includes two courses; one Technology, Sustainability, and Management in Spain, where students will learn about the different technologies, sources of energy or waste management processes and another one, Discovering Design, where they will learn a methodological approach to innovation, how to develop new skills of observation, problem-solving and prototyping sustainable solutions. Students will participate in a real-life environmental challenge considering creative Circular Economy solutions

This program is developed in collaboration with Urbaser a world leader in environmental management company specialized in Urban Services, Waste Management, and Water Treatment.




  • Learn about the most advanced Renewable Energies Technologies and Design Methods in Spain.

  • Discover your creative capacities and learn how to focus your energy to develop innovative sustainable ideas and solutions 

  • Work on a real-life according to the Circular Economy.  

  • Learn about yourself and your future professional goals in an international context.

  • Learn about the rich cultural heritage and historical highlights of Spain.

  • Start building your intercultural understanding in an international context.

Details of the program

Duration: 4 weeks (flexible) 


Location: Madrid & Alcala de Henares (Spain)


Language of Instruction: English/Spanish 

  • Two courses (6 credits—optional)

  • Participation Diploma

  • Online classroom support

  • A full program of company, private and public agencies visits.

  • Cultural program and trips 

  • Accommodation (university dorms, double occupancy, three meals). 

  • Predeparture orientation program

  • 24/7 supervision 

  • Health Insurance

Enlla Mercado

"They are challenging courses, and if you are really interested in Marketing, Fashion and Culture, I definitely recommend them ..."

Génesis Rodriguez

"I loved them...the teachers have taught us very well, we have met famous designers, the small groups have allowed us to work very well ..."

Ana Rosa Gonzalez

"It has been a great experience, I loved working with a small group of international students. It has given me great value..."


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