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This section includes general Infinite Spur policies, Academic and Disciplinary Policies, Program Fees and Payments.

Infinite Spur reserves the right to modify or cancel any statement in the program descriptions and information as listed at, or in the hard copy program catalogs, without prior notice.


In consideration of INFINITE SPUR, by acceptance to their programs and courses, I hereby agree with the following conditions:

  • I give INFINITE SPUR office permission to release my name and program information to my study abroad advisor.

  • I give INFINITE SPUR office permission to release my name and program information to my parents/legal guardian.

  • I release and discharge INFINITES SPUR and any and all their employees, agents or representatives from all actions, suit claims, or liability for damages or other legal or equitable relief of any nature resulting, from, arising out of, or related to my participation in the program including without limitation, claims for personal injury or property damage. I certify that all the information provided on this application is correct and truthful. I agree to stand by INFINITE SPUR financial, academic and disciplinary policies. I authorize INFINITE SPUR to release my information/records to their affiliated partner institutions/organizations.

  • I acknowledge that international travel may involve risk, including the possibility of illness, adverse weather conditions, travel delays, strikes and other work stoppages, hostile actions by governments or individuals, and other risks and inconveniences, whether or not similar. I accept the above described risks and other risks involved in travel in, to and among foreign countries. I acknowledge that INFINITE SPUR is not responsible for the activities of persons not employed by INFINITES SPUR. On behalf of myself and heirs and assigns, I fully and forever release INFINITE SPUR and its Representatives and agree not to seek compensation from any of them, for any losses that I may suffer during my program or during travel to and from my program.

  • I understand that I will be traveling to a foreign country, with different customs, standards, laws, and risks than my own country. I agree to take reasonable steps to become familiar with the host country’s relevant civil laws, customs and risks. I understand that INFINITE SPUR does not have the responsibility to inform me of these risks. I will abide by the appropriate laws, rules and regulations of my host country throughout the time I am participating in my study program and will endeavor to comply with all local customs.

  • I understand that I am responsible for the cost of travelling to and from my home country and my host country.

  • If my participation in a Program is terminated for any reason, I consent to being withdrawn from the Program at my own expense and will not receive a refund of any amounts paid.

  • I will indemnify INFINITE SPUR and any of its representatives against all loss, damages or any claims made against any of them as a result of any of my negligent actions or inactions during my participation in any program or course.



  • Through each program and course, students will be expected to conduct themselves as mature, law-abiding, cooperative and responsible individuals.  We insist on an atmosphere of respect, trust and consideration towards other fellow students, program leaders and local people, laws and institutions.  Behavior inconsistent with these expectations will not be tolerated.

  • Classes: Students are required to attend all classes, complete all projects and assignments in a timely manner and attend all required program meeting and activities. 

  • Respect:  Students are expected to respect the individual rights of all people involved and related to the program that includes all members of Infinite Spur’s community, guests, and collaborators.  These also apply to fellow student participants and are required to treat all members of the groups with courtesy and respect.  Lying, theft, physical or verbal harassment, physical or verbal assault of any kind is strictly prohibited.  Students will be held financially responsible for any damage caused to Infinite Spur or host institution/residence facilities and/or equipment.

  • Dress:  Infinite Spur programs are conducted in casual, academic & professional context; thus, students are expected to respect the academic nature of their activities and dress accordingly to the different occasions including academic and social activities, company visits or events in a business environment.



Program Fees Explained

All programs include the following items. As there may be slightly differences between the programs it is always recommended to check the information “What´s included section” and make sure you understand that is included in the program.

What´s included in the cost

  • Tuition & Fees

  • Accommodation (room & board)

  • Medical Insurance

  • Excursions & Cultural Activities (unless otherwise specified)

  • On site orientation

  • Airport Pick up

  • On site support

  • Academic Advising

  • Diploma


Fees do not include

  • Airfare

  • Accommodation deposit (if necessary)

  • Spending money

  • Books & supplies


Tuition & Fees

Your tuition and fees will cover the cost of your registration at the host institution. Depending on the program you are participating, the length of time of your stay and destination, you may have different a different cost.   All fees are included unless otherwise specified and they may refer to the use of different university facilities, such as sport centers, libraries as well as different services.


In all Infinite Spur programs housing is included in the program fee. In all case, students stay in dormitories (double rooms) with a meal plan of three meals a day. Laundry is not included, but students can do their own laundry in the dorm. Due to the nature of our programs, students will participate in different activities, meetings, round tables and different professional activities that make take place at different times during the day, therefore and to facilitate the building of a cohesive group, home stays will not available.

Medical and Accident Insurance

Medical and accident insurance is provided for all students enrolled in the Infinite Spur Programs. The cost of the insurance is included in the program.

Additional expenses.

All cultural activities, professional visits, meetings with mentors and participation in events are included in the program fee.  There are also different cultural excursions that will be part of the program, please check to the page of the program you are interested in for further details.


Payment dates vary depending on the course and time that it is offered. Please check the specific deadline for each program.  

  • All applicants are required to pay a 300.00€ nonrefundable fee upon registration.

  • Full payment is due 45 days prior to the program start date, unless otherwise specified by INFINITE SPUR.

  • Students who have not paid the program two weeks prior to departure will be penalized with 150.00€ fee. No exceptions.

  • Notice that the cost of the program is in Euros and all payments should be made in Euros.

  • You can pay on line with a major credit card, Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.


To recognize high academic achievement Infinite Spur offers a limited number of Merit Scholarships to our strongest candidates. This award is based on student ́s outstanding achievements in education, leadership and personal development.  

In order to apply, please submit your application and your personal statement describing how the program will impact your college experience and your future career plans. Send it back along with 2 Letters of Recommendation. 



INFINITE SPUR makes financial commitments on your behalf prior to the program start date. Accordingly, we have instituted a cancellation policy in line with current international education provider standards for which we can make no exceptions. All cancellations must be signed and submitted in writing, by mail or email. Phone calls are not acceptable. No refunds will be made other than those specified below.

  • 45 days prior to departure: 100% refund except fees & deposits paid (program or accommodation; bank fees and any other payments) while making online payments and reservations. The 250€ Application Fee is a nonrefundable fee.

  • Between 30 and 45 days prior to departure: 50% refund except fees & deposits paid (program or accommodation; bank fees and any other payments) while making online payments and reservations. The 250€ Application Fee is a nonrefundable fee.

  • Between 30 and 45 days prior to departure: 50% refund except fees & deposits paid (program or accommodation; bank fees and any other payments) while making online payments and reservations. The 250€ Application Fee is a nonrefundable fee.

  • Less than 30 days prior to departure: no refund will be available.

  • Withdrawing once on-site will result in no refund.  It may also result in additional payments according to the circumstances.

  • The 300.00€ Application Fee and Deposit are nonrefundable fees.  

  • No refunds will be granted for meals, housing, tuition, excursions or activities unused by students due to absence or any other reason.



All Infinite Spur students are covered by health and travel insurance.
Students will be given a 24-hour emergency phone number upon arrival. 24 hours emergency assistance is available to students by English-speaking staff.


INFINITE SPUR Director as well as all program staff carry cell phones and are always available in case of emergency. Students will receive detailed recommendations on how to avoid problems during their time abroad including: areas of the city to avoid, taking care not to be the victim of would-be pickpockets, “blending in,” and heightened awareness skills which is a major factor in accident and incident prevention and culture shock.


The students themselves play a major role in avoiding health and safety hazards. Constant communication with on-site staff is key to preventing little incidents from turning into larger problems.

We strongly encourage students to discuss all health issues with us as quickly as they can so that we may take them to be assessed at the local clinic and begin addressing the problem immediately.


Students are responsible for obtaining the student visa in their home country. Should I fail to obtain the visa necessary for my program or course, I will not be eligible for a refund.


It is understood that Infinite Spur may make use of students’ photographs, video and testimony in publicity materials, including the brochure, poster, website and Social Media, without payment or any consideration.




  • The safety and well-being of our students is our highest priority.  All rules and regulations described in Infinite Spur Disciplinary Policy will be strictly enforced.  If Infinite Spur determines that the student has broken any of the terms or policies, or that the student has compromised his/her own safety, or that of the program in general, the student will be sent home immediately without a refund.  If you, have any questions concerning the above stated rules and regulations, please contact Infinite Spur office before departure.

  • Dates, fees, itineraries and courses may be changed without prior notice, should circumstances require it, at the discretions of Infinite Spur staff.  Infinite Spur reserves the right to cancel any program or course offering and to decline to accept any person as a member of one of its programs.  If Infinite Spur cancels a program, the full program fee will be refunded.


Last version: January 2019

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