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This section is intended for faculty and group leaders who are interested in making their own international programs distinctive and different from the start.
Our goal is to help faculty and study abroad advisors plan and design unique and transformational programs that will provide students a fully immersive and fascinating
abroad experience.

Courses are specially designed on an individual basis in collaboration with the faculty or the leader involved. Our task is to work with you in your ideas and help you make them grow.

We can assist you in the definition of the topic, design an agenda with specific visits, events and festivals and many more interesting multi-destination activities that can take you all over Spain.The academic areas that we work with are very diverse and include psychology, biotechnology, law, business, social sciences, leadership, education, tourism, architecture, art, fashion and design among other.

5 Steps Process


STEP 1: BrainStorming

You provide with the ideas. We bring our expertise.  Together we will come up with the best planning in each step of the process.

Tell us what you need or what do you want to do while you are in Spain. If you are not sure how to put your ideas together and organize a nice structured trip, don’t worry -- brainstorm what you want to do, visit and learn and we will do the rest.

STEP 2: Work on Proposal

Once we have the first draft of the program approved, Infinite Spur will make all the necessary arrangements, appointments and schedules so everything runs smoothly and according to program, calendar and schedule.

We will keep close contact with the coordinating faculty through emails and videoconferencing. We can also hold videoconferences with the students if you decide that it will help you promote the course.

STEP 3: Pre-departure information

It is very important that the faculty at home collects all the necessary student information including the full names of students, passports numbers, the personal questionnaires, housing and any additional information that may be required.

Once the group is organized, Infinite Spur will provide the group access to the online program to all students, including all the information, specific readings, videos, calendar and schedules.

STEP 4: On-Site Coordination

Upon arrival to your program destination, local Infinite Spur staff will assist and manage all the details of your program.

Students will have access to all the material of the course online, so they can easily download the calendar, activities, places and events that we visit as well as all of the information of the guest participants.

STEP 5: Follow-Up

At the end of the program, we’ll send all students a program evaluation and share the conclusions with you. Start with us!

Leadership, Sustainability,
and Innovation in Spain


Some of the Programs

"They are challenging courses, and if you are really interested in Marketing, Fashion and Culture, I definitely recommend them..."

Student, Fashion and Marketing

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