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5 apps for art lovers

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Art is essential for society as it allows people to feel and enjoy different perceptions of culture. Each work is unique and awakens different sensations in each of us; this year, it has been challenging to enjoy visiting museums and enjoying our favorite works of art. However, there are alternatives, so if you are an art lover look at these amazing apps while you wait until we can return to museums.

  • Google Arts & Culture

The Google Arts & Culture app offers one of the largest collections of artworks in the world. The application was created by the Google Cultural Institute and collects pieces from more than 2000 museums around the world. The collection is organized by artists, techniques, artistic movements, historical stage in which they were made and even by colors! It is easy to browse and easy to use on your cell phone. This app also offers academic articles and interactive experiences related to the world of art and culture.

  • Art Selfie

This option is basically for fun, and it allows you to have a good time with friends rather than an actual cultural experience. Art Selfie is a specific tool integrated into the Google Arts & Culture app, but it deserves a specific section. Art Selfie allows you to take yourself a selfie, and the app will search to find an artwork in which there is a character that looks like you. Indeed, an excellent way to have fun with family or friends and check if any great artists in history ever painted someone similar to you.

  • DailyArt

If you are one of those who prefer to enjoy art in small doses instead of spending hours in a museum, DailyArt is the application you need. This app features a new artwork every day and provides a brief but complete explanation of the context, technique, and meaning of the work. In addition to this app, if you are very interested in learning about art or a specific work, you can also visit their online magazine, DailyArtMagazine at

  • Museum apps

Today, many national museums and private collections have moved into the digital world, making art and culture more accessible to all, at any time, any place. Some of the Spanish museums that have gone virtual include the National Archaeological Museum, the Altamira Museum, or the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum.

In the Archaeological Museum case, the app is called "Museo Arqueológico Nacional" (MAN) and allows virtual visitors to take a guided tour of parts of the museum or make their own. It also offers audio guides with explanations of specific pieces.

As for the other two, the developers have chosen to use the Second Canvas, which allows displaying images in Super High Resolution while providing interactive audio content. The applications are called "SC Museo de Altamira" and "Second Canvas Museo Thyssen"

Finally, we want to mention the application of a museum outside of Spain, the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The app is called "MoMA Audio," and it offers artists' and experts' audio guides about their museum's art and artwork collections.

In any case, art will always find a way to reach us and bring passion to us. Although we look forward to visiting the actual sites and return to the first-hand experience of admiring our favorite art pieces, for now, we can digitally enjoy them.

Please leave us your comments and tell us which one of these apps you like the most. If you are very interested in art, look at our programs related to art and culture. Here are the links to both programs:

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