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In honor of flamenco day today we will talk about We Love Flamenco, a catwalk that will celebrate its eleventh edition this January from 12 to 20 in Seville.

Flamenco has always been an indispensable part of our culture. From Bizet's opera Carmen to the poems of Lorca's gypsy ballads, flamenco has always played a leading role in the Spanish collective imagination.

It is not surprising, then, that if you ask a foreigner about what first comes to mind when thinking of Spain, that sevillanas are one of the first options. But flamenco is not just a musical genre, a dance, or a style of clothing. For many it is part of their roots, of who they are, it´s a way of life. This is especially true in Andalusia, where flamenco soaks the streets, its music alive in the alleyways, always present in Andalusian hearts.

That is why we should not be surprised that Seville is the perfect setting for one of the most outstanding events in the world of flamenco fashion: we love flamenco catwalk.

We love flamenco is perhaps the flamenco fashion catwalk with the greatest international projection, which has made it the ideal place to introduce the new faces of flamenco fashion: from designers to models and musicians, in its eleven editions, We love flamenco has become the best patron for flamenco-inspired artists. In it, designers of the stature of José Hidalgo (one of Queen Letizia's favorites), Lucía Herreras, or El ajolí, Pepe Romero's firm, presented their collections for the first time.

This 2023, We love Flamenco opens its doors once again from January 14 to 20, at the Alfonso III hotel in Seville, under the representation of Laura Sánchez, model, and brand ambassador. This eleventh edition will bring with it some veterans such as Johanna Calderón, José Hidalgo, or Rocío Peralta, but also newcomers such as Carmen Acedo or Juan Foronda.

Those who attend will be able to enjoy an incredible show with live music by the most current flamenco artists while admiring designs inspired by the most famous regional costume in the world.

That is why if you are on vacation this January or are in the area, we strongly recommend that you attend this event that is not just fashion, but a tribute to an essential part of our culture, our way of life, and our legacy.

We leave you with a video of the ninth edition :


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