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The business development of Peris Costumes can be spun between stitches throughout different eras and departments. At first, hidden behind the curtain of the big theaters, now her creations shine with the glamor of the big screen.

One of the few Spanish companies specialized in making costumes, costumes and accessories for fiction, be it the one that is represented on the tables of a theater or behind the cameras of the cinema, Peris has its origins in a small family tailor shop in Valencia founded in 1856, although its current headquarters are in Algete, Madrid.

Initially, specialized in the creation of theater costumes, throughout these 165 years of history, the growth of Peris is unquestionable. With more than six million pieces produced for both the small and the big screen, it is one of the largest and most successful companies in the sector. However, its true takeoff towards success arose with the displacement of its headquarters to the Spanish capital and its international expansion in 2012. It was there that the company opened its field of specialization beyond textile manufacturing and towards the rental of clothing to the audiovisual sector, where it has managed to position itself as one of the essential companies in the industry.

With more than six commercial offices in Europe, in cities like Lisbon, Vienna, Berlin or London, as well as a new space in Mexico City to facilitate work with the United States, Peris' triumph is undeniable. His portfolio is no less impressive for that. With participation in historical series such as Isabel or Marie Antoinette, major productions such as Vikings, Peaky Blinders, Mulán or Espartaco, or Netflix hits such as Lady's Gambit, Elite or Bridgerton, it is not surprising that it has become an international benchmark for the world of sewing and characterization.

Not for this reason, he has left his origins behind at the hands of the theater, where he was recently in charge of the costumes for the great opera Othello, represented at the Teatro Real, although, without a doubt, his biggest client is currently the streaming platform industry. , thanks to which Peris has transitioned from 100 productions a year to around 400 or 500.

This has also encouraged delivery times to be reduced and, therefore, now more than ever, the excellent work of the team of seamstresses, pattern makers, documentalists and specialists in dyeing fabrics or making uniforms that make up Peris is unquestionable. In addition, they also work in the treatment of leather and the manufacture of shoes.

All this commitment and hard work are qualities that we admire at Infinite Spur and for which we do not hesitate for a moment to talk about this company, its evolution and development to our students, especially those who will be in Madrid for the academic trip and program fashion that we will teach next January.

And if you have not been able to participate and join us to see its facilities in person, we encourage you to discover Peris Costumes through its corporate video:

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