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What will it be like to travel after the pandemic? This is how travel will be in 2021.

How would we travel in 2021

COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways including how we relate with other

people and with the world; and as we all know, tourism has been severely affected by

the pandemic worldwide. Today, there are many questions regarding would we travel

in the future? What will it be like to travel after the pandemic? Will it be safe to travel

once COVID-19 disappears? There is no doubt that the way we plan our trips is going

to change a lot, so if you are crazy about traveling and are wondering about these

questions, today´s blog is for you. In this post, we will answer the most important

question of all: What will it be like to travel after the pandemic?

1- Travel with greater security.

One of the priorities of travelers, once the pandemic allows us to move again, will be

to do it safely. Traveling in small groups with family or friends will be a trend. This way

of travel is already been referred to as "capsule trips" as new way to

reduce the risks of crowds or groups of people outside your close environment. This

will lead travelers to “move away” from staying in hotels and other large resorts and to

prioritize reservations in more private accommodations that favor social distancing,

such as tourist apartments or private rural houses.

Airplanes, trains, buses ... will also increase security, as one of the key factors will be

overcoming the mistrust of other passengers. Strict security protocols will be put in

place, such as traveling alone, constant use of facemasks, social distance in all places,

or rapid blood or temperature tests. Reducing the number of passengers in public

transportation to avoid crowds in transport will also be a popular measure, and there

is even the talk of the possibility of issuing an Immunity Passport for travelers around

the globe.

traveling after covid-19
Airplanes security measures

2- Increasing demand for rural destinations.

Until now, big cities like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​London, Berlin… were the preferred

destination for travelers. The pandemic has come to change this, and by 2021, this

trend is expected to change, and rural destinations will be preferred. Rural villages,

mountains, and coastal towns will be the new “topmost” of tourism, offering that calm

and reserved tranquility that allows travelers to escape from crowds.

travel to rural areas
Rural villages

3- National tourism as the first option

It is estimated that after the reopening of travel, there will be a strong increase in

national tourism. The fear of traveling far due to a possible outbreak in the country,

the economic damage suffered by the population, or the possibility of becoming ill in a

foreign country are some of the reasons why the population will prefer to make

national trips. All governments worldwide are putting a lot of effort into promoting

their own national destinations as a way of supporting the economic reactivation of

the country.

4- Change of travel habits.

The change in travel habits is mainly driven by working remotely. Working from home

is already a reality in most countries and thus, it means that we can work basically

anytime and anywhere. These changes break away from traditional work and

vacation periods from the past allowing more flexibility for travel at any time of the


There is no doubt that the way we will travel in the future is going to change and that

safety and health conditions will be the priority in our list when planning our next

destination. But despite our current situation, Spaniards are not ready to give up

traveling and it is expected that by summer 2021 international mobility will be



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