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COVID-19 Information

All of our courses in Spain have been posponed due to COVID 19 situation. Please check our new INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL COURSES.

Our Executive Director´s message

Dear colleagues, faculty, students and friends: 


In Infinite Spur, we know that the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected all our lives and that, unfortunately, the field of study abroad has been deeply impacted as most of our programs have been put on hold. However, it is now when it is most important that we all work together for the future and continue to weave alliances and work closely together to adapt ourselves and our institutions to this situation of uncertainty.  The pandemic is an extraordinary global situation and, thus, it calls for extraordinary and global solutions as well.

As international educators, we have a responsibility to continue offering our students safe and meaningful international experiences even through the pandemic. These will still provide an important international and intercultural exchange; they will teach us to work together under extraordinary circumstances, to get to know each other and, in turn, to become better citizens of the world.


We should look at the future with clarity and optimism and manage uncertainty with understanding and communication.  Together we will make through.  Sometimes – we do not know when-- we will return to the "New Normal", but even then, “normal” is likely to be different; still, when it comes, we will resume our international immersion experiences. In the meantime, and until the time comes, Infinite Spur has accepted the situation and has created a virtual environment,integrating digital technologies, international students, and innovative collaborative projects. We are aware that our new virtual space is not a substitute for face-to-face experiences, but for now, it is an excellent option that allows us to continue getting together, working, learning, and making new friends.


Finally, as we all know, the pandemic situation is in constant change and, we want to keep you updated on the latest reports. Please check out these links to get the latest information on the pandemic, international mobility, conditions, and restrictions in all the European territory.


Center of Disease Control:

Word Health Organization:

Spanish Ministry of Health:

Guidelines for the Forum of Education Abroad:

COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map


If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will make the best to assist you. Wishing you the best, and let the strength and vision be with you now. 


¡Hasta pronto!


Marta Walliser, Ph.D. | Executive Director