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COVID-19 Information

Our Executive Director's message

Covid Statement

Dear colleagues and friends,


We know that the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives and that back in 2020 it was necessary to adapt to a new situation. From the beginning, we look to the future and work closely with our partners, teachers, and students to continue learning together in this new context.


We had to make difficult decisions, put all immersion programs on hold, and adapt to a new environment that seemed cold and distant at first, but immediately revealed itself as the opposite allowing us to feel closer than ever. Taking advantage of rapid technological developments, we developed a SPIOC methodology to bring together students from different countries in our new virtual space. Our Small Private International Online Courses offered new synchronous opportunities to learn about fascinating topics such as global citizenship, leadership, fashion, entrepreneurship, and sustainability with students from all over the world.


Following our principles of building a better future, we were able to turn a critical situation into a learning opportunity and discover new ways forward. I want to thank everyone for contributing to our transformation and allowing us to learn so much during this time.


Today we can say that this global health crisis is over, and we are pleased to announce that we have restored our immersive experiences. We are delighted to return to mobility and continue to offer new, transformative, unique, and quality experiences, but now... in Spain!

We recommend you keep an eye out for the new programs we will be hosting this summer 2022, with many cultural and professional activities, exciting workshops, and visits to historic sites. At the same time, as we return to mobility, we will stick to the lessons learned during the pandemic and continue to use our virtual space to host virtual programs, conferences, and events. We have learned that it is a great way to reach many students who might not otherwise be able to enjoy the international experience due to costs or personal or academic reasons.


We will continue to combine both types of activities, virtual and immersive, to give you all your different opportunities to participate in an international experience. We will also continue to work with the collaborative methodology that has contributed so much to our growth and development during the pandemic and allowed students from different countries to work together to create excellent innovation projects. This virtual collaboration allowed us to form international teams that worked together to analyze global problems and provide practical, sustainable, and viable solutions. These experiences turned out to be excellent and empowering learning opportunities for all participants' academic, personal, and professional development. 

Finally, we want to keep you updated on the latest health and travel reports to help you prepare for your immersion trip. In order to do this, we want to provide you with the latest updates on international mobility across the European Union.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):


World Health Organization:


Ministry of Health:

Guidelines for the Education Abroad Forum:


COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.


¡See you soon!


Marta Walliser, Ph.D. | Executive Director

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