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Mission & Values


To provide students with knowledge and professional and inter-cultural skills to successfully achieve their goals and dreams through immersive international EDUCATIONAL experiences FOCUSED on leadership, entrepreneurship, arts, technology and design.



We believe in the capacity of students to fulfill their dreams and aspirations by arming them with tools and skills for personal and professional empowerment to achieve their goals.

We believe that creativity must be applied to all academic disciplines. Creativity is a social process in which every member of a team contributes their best ideas and talents toward the solution of a problem. We encourage to develop the inter-personal and inter-cultural attitudes and skills for effective interdisciplinary team-work.

We believe that personal responsibility and integrity are essential for professional success. We encourage our students to be responsible for their choices and entrust them to design their own learning experiences and processes.

We believe that the interdisciplinary dialogue between the humanities and new digital and virtual technologies is essential for the preservation and transmission of art, history, and culture and for the search for global solutions in our contemporary technological age.

We believe that it is vital to empower the next generation of global leaders with the knowledge, empathy, and real-world practical experiences and perspectives to address the global and local challenges facing our contemporary interconnected and globalized world.

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