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When it comes to studying abroad, finding the right place to go to becomes a real challenge. In order to decide the perfect place to spend a time abroad, you should consider different factors; courses and prestige of the host institution is important, but don´t forget to take into consideration the safety and security of the country. On top of that, explore the different type of activities and experiences you will be able to enjoy during tour stay.

If you are looking here, at Infinite Spur´s offerings, you are in the right location.  According to students, statistics and rankings, Spain is one top country to study abroad. Spain is among the top ten worldwide destinations and number 3 in Europe. Aside from a wide range of courses offered and the ample experience with hosting international students, Spain is internationally recognized for its historical academic tradition.  Alcalá and Salamanca are two of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe and both cities are well known student university towns ever since the early renaissance.

Why is Spain the best place to study abroad?

One of the main reasons is because of its extensive educational offer and excellent educational institutions. Spain has a long tradition for hosting international students and the language and culture courses are outstanding.  Today, the academic offer includes many more different fields, including business, architecture, design, fashion and others more traditional like theater, literature or culture, making it attractive to all students.

Extensive territory with remarkable differences

Spain is just beautiful! From North to South and East to West, Spain is an extensive area where you can find beaches and mountains, ocean and plateau, snow and desert, big metropolitan cities and small charming villages.

In conclusion, endless possibilities to travel around on weekends.

Rich and diverse heritage

The history of Spain goes back thousands of years. Different peoples and cultures have established themselves in the Iberian Peninsula, leaving their historical and cultural heritage behind.  A land of cultural contrast and melting civilizations, testimonies that you can find around in every corner, in every building and in every city.

The land of the three cultures, as it is known, unique example of coexistence in medieval Europe. A sample of this is the Synagogue of Santa María in Toledo, the Mosque in Córdoba and the Cathedral in León; three religions, three cultures in one land.  Don´t forget the impressive Monastery of El Escorial, universal symbol of Imperial Spain, or the exceptional Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, a world reference in the early 20th Century Spanish Architecture.  But there is more, the prehistoric Altamira paintings, the well-preserved Roman Ruins in Segovia, Merida and all over the country; medieval towns and churches, together with the beautiful and distinctive Muslim cities of Andalusia.  No matter what you prefer, you will never be bored.

Land of artists

Cervantes, Velazquez but also Lorca, Picasso or Gaudi are some of the internationally recognized Spanish artists.  Different times and different arts, but all of them are great and all of them are Spanish.  

Travelling and studying in Spain is a privilege for mind and soul.  Spain, land of writers, painters and architects, a place for inspiration.  Take your time and stroll around where these great artists were born and inspired, follow their footsteps and visit the places where they lived and worked.  Maybe this time you can also find your own artistic inspiration. Why not in Spain?  

Spain is one of the safest countries in the world

This is a big and important one: Madrid and Barcelona rank tenth and eleventh place in the list of the safest cities in the world.  Overall Spain classifies in the twenty-third place of the safest countries in which to live in. You and your parents will be very happy with this one.

Learn the language: Speak Spanish

Spanish is the official language of Spain, the second most spoken language in the world with more than 559 million Spanish-speaking people throughout our planet. It is a universal language not only in Literature and Art, Music and Culture but also in Education, Business and Communication. Learning Spanish offers many professional opportunities in different areas, and that is why you should take advantage of your stay in Spain to learn and improve your Spanish.

Nevertheless, remember that it is not necessary to speak Spanish to study in Spain or to take part in our programs. Infinity Spur offers you the opportunity to enjoy an international immersion program in English at the same time that you begin learning the Spanish language.

Top destination for students all over the world

Spain is one of the three favorite places to study abroad.  Students from all ages, fields and countries choose to study in Spain. These are five tips to help you decide on your experience: first, decide what you want to study; Spanish Language and Culture, or maybe Fashion, Architecture, Design, Education or Business. Second, decide how much time you plan to stay in Spain, whether it be one semester, a year or only a few weeks in the summer.  Even if your stay is short, it will be worth it and fun.  Third, choose the language of instruction, Spanish or English, both of them will be just fine. Four, choose the city you want to live in. Five, decide on the program, but that one is easy if you choose to come to our LEAD or STEAM programs .

Before we finish, just remember that on top of all you will get to meet new people, make new friends and start building your international network for the future.

These are only some of the reasons why Spain is the best place to study abroad. Whatever reasons may be the ones that help you to decide, they will be fine.  Any reason is a good reason to enjoy a stay in a country rich in culture, history, traditions and heritage and where you can study and live a unique and unforgettable experience. Don’t think about it anymore and just do it!


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