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Infinite Spur was founded as a way to respond to the current educational demands that call for an innovative approach of teaching and learning in an international setting by fostering new forms of dialogue between the arts and technology, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Our programs are designed for students who are ready to take on new challenges, who are ready to participate in dynamic and intensive educational abroad experience where, in addition to learning about the culture and the people, they will gain the necessary personal and professional skills that will empower them to design their own professional future.

Talking of Infinite Spur is referring to one of the world´s greatest Alpine challenges. The beautiful and apparently harmless icy ridge that leads to the Summit of Mount Foraker in Alaska is, however, one of the most impregnable, deceiving and challenging walls only conquered by a few experts mountaineers. The conquest of this mythical summit takes personal determination, commitment, endurance and team work. Surmounting the top is an extraordinary task and a great satisfaction. For those few who have made it, their live has never been the same.

Our dreams are somehow similar; apparently innocent but most unconquerable. To accomplish our dreams we need determination, commitment, trust, strength and persistence. Only those who are willing to strive, to commit, to continue working towards their goals despite the difficulties, will be able to achieve them.

You can be one of them.

To provide students with knowledge and professional and inter-cultural skills to successfully achieve their goals and dreams through immersive international EDUCATIONAL experiences FOCUSED on leadership, entrepreneurship, arts, technology and design

Our programs integrate technology and design with the study of the arts, history and culture of Spain in the contemporary European context. The technological approach to the humanities and to the cultural heritage of Spain is designed to maximize learning by taking advantage of students’ familiarity and understanding of digital technologies.

Courses offer participants an international pre-professional immersion experience in different fields of the arts, technology and design to explore their future professional careers paths. We believe it is crucial to support students by empowering them as leaders and entrepreneurs.

Courses will take place in January, May, June and July.

Course sites: Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga.

  • We believe in the capacity of students to fulfill their dreams and aspirations by arming them with tools and skills for personal and professional empowerment to achieve their goals.

  • We believe that personal responsibility and integrity are essential for professional success. We encourage our students to be responsible for their choices and entrust them to design their own learning experiences and processes.

  • We believe that creativity must be applied to all academic disciplines. Creativity is a social process in which every member of a team contributes their best ideas and talents toward the solution of a problem. We encourage to develop the inter-personal and inter-cultural attitudes and skills for effective interdisciplinary team-work.

  • We believe that the interdisciplinary dialogue between the humanities and new digital and virtual technologies is essential for the preservation and transmission of art, history, and culture and for the search for global solutions in our contemporary technological age.

  • We believe that it is vital to empower the next generation of global leaders with the knowledge, empathy, and real-world practical experiences and perspectives to address the global and local challenges facing our contemporary interconnected and globalized world.


All courses are specifically designed for international students and combine lectures, group work, individual and group presentations, and seminar discussions. Students must fully engage with professor and their fellow students as active learners and producers of knowledge.


Our professors are expert professionals that combine their teaching career with their own professional field. An interdisciplinary team with architects, designers, artists and humanists that come from prestigious universities and companies from Spain and abroad.

Company visits & Events

Explore the professional business world of Spain trough a full program of company visits, industry networking events and meetings with professionals and business leaders.

Explore Spain

Explore and discover one of the most modern, popular, beautiful, diverse and cosmopolitan countries in Europe. Live and learn while you travel around some of our most international cities learning about our people, culture, businesses and industry.



These programs are designed for students interested in gaining an educational experience abroad over a short period of time. Courses may be completed during three-week January term in a three-week program, or four-week May term. Participation in J-term or M-term courses allows students to complete degree requirements at their home institution, while building their global experience by taking a credit-earning course abroad.


Institute programs are designed for students who want to empower their personal and professional skills in a dynamic and innovative learning environment. The Institute offers an intensive four-week program focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship integrating a wide variety of cultural and pre-professional development activities, including lectures, seminars, company visits, networking sessions, and topic-specific panels. Participants develop their personal and professional skills as they engage in hands-on real-life entrepreneurial projects in an international and intercultural environment.

Please refer to Infinite Spur Institute Brochure to design your program.


Junior Programs are specifically designed to offer quality courses for younger students ages 15- 18 who wish to start their international immersion experience. We offer two types of Junior programs.

Spanish Language and Culture Immersion program

In this intensive two-week program, students have language classes every morning followed by afternoon cultural activities and visits, sports and games. Students will also complete an audiovisual, digital or virtual cultural project.

Junior Institute for Future Leaders

This four-week program focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship is designed for high school students who wish to develop and enhance their inter-personal, intercultural, and professional skills in an international context. Students participate in real life business project in an international, interdisciplinary, and intercultural setting.


All of our professors are expert professionals that combine their teaching with their own professional career.

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Site Coordinator

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Head of administration

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