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Digital marketing trends in 2021

The irruption of new technologies globally has had a tremendous impact on companies, that must continually adapt to the latest developments. Technological innovation affects all departments of the company in one way or another, and today we want to focus on its effect on the marketing environment.

In this article, we will assess the changes that took place last year, and we will inquire about some of the prominent trends that we can expect in the digital marketing environment for 2021.

1. E-sports

E-sports, also called electronic sports or cybersports, are video game tournaments that have seen enormous growth during 2020. Due to the increasing appeal of these digital events and competitions, companies are beginning to realize the many benefits of integrating E-sports in their digital environment. Therefore, in 2021 we will probably see many companies developing these events or contacting famous players to sponsor them or include them in their digital marketing campaigns.

2. Virtual events and virtual learning

The current pandemic has forced the world to reinvent itself, and we had to find alternative ways to adapt our routines and interact with each other. The main change in society at the working and educational level has been working remotely and integrating virtual learning through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype. Other events such as webinars, online workshops, or virtual programs and courses have become useful resources to continue with specific training and personal development. Everything indicates that they will become even more critical in 2021.

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3. Shoppable TV

The main social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp are aware of their potential as a marketplace, facilitating companies advertising products for sale in their profiles. The next step of promoting access to companies' products will probably be Shoppable TV, a concept based on the possibility to purchase the products you see on television programs, series, or advertisements directly from your television. This strategy has been tested in the past, but everything indicates that it will become more successful this time.

4. Advertising on wearables

With the increase in the integration of purchasable products in social networks and other platforms, digital advertising is also trying to adapt and expand its possibilities. Companies are looking for new venues for advertising placement. In 2021, it seems foreseeable that they will try to use wearables, smart clothing, smartwatches, or bracelets.

Wearables are a vast source of information about the user, precisely the most valuable asset for companies today. Therefore, during this year, we may begin to receive ads on our wearables about products that adapt to our physical abilities and lifestyle.

5. Artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR)

The integration of new technologies in the world of e-commerce is a reality today. Some brands have already started experimenting with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and augmented reality in the purchasing processes, and they will continue to do so throughout 2021.

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This 2021 has brought innovation and revolutionary changes to digital marketing, and we now have numerous questions for the future: Will advertising campaigns reach our smartwatches? Will we be able to instantly buy the t-shirt worn by the character from our favorite series?

Please leave us your predictions in the comments!


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