• Juan Jesús Rello Hurtado

The rise of online training. Advantages of distance education

During and after the pandemic, the modality of online education or distance education has become the most demanded, mainly thanks to the possibility that the student can study at their own pace and with full-time flexibility. Concepts such as e-learning or online classes have already become our day to day and account for 60% of Internet searches.

"Online training is currently experiencing one of its best moments. In a matter of hours it has gone from being the future to being the present. From this crisis, the centers that are committed to online and flexible training are going to emerge stronger", says Pedro Guilherme Editorial manager of Campus Training.

For companies, it means savings. For students, flexibility compatible with other modalities. For academies, training centers, universities or schools, it allows expanding the training offer and being able to access different types of public.

It is a reality that has come to stay and that offers endless advantages, among which the following stand out:

Saving resources: this training saves not only transport costs but also time, thus increasing people's productivity.

Access to tailor-made material: the possibility of having personalized and specialized teaching material.

Time flexibility: Virtual classrooms are always available. This allows students to create their own training schedules and itineraries.

Reconciliation: By being able to study from anywhere and at any time, personal and family conciliation is facilitated, thus increasing motivation and the success rate.

Wealth of resources: Virtual training provides us with a huge variety of resources, both written, audiovisual, and multimedia. Having resources adapted to the student's training needs offers great benefits.

In response to the current situation and the need to transform education, Infinite Spur offers a new concept of virtual training with an educational model based on the following pillars:

- Small private online groups

- Digital Tools

- Synchronous classes

- Groups of international students

- Virtual collaborative work

- Professional and cultural activities

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to visit our website www.infinitespur.com, through the email info@infinitespur.com or by visiting following us on our social networks.

Enlla Mercado

"They are challenging courses, and if you are really interested in Marketing, Fashion and Culture, I definitely recommend them ..."

Génesis Rodriguez

"I loved them...the teachers have taught us very well, we have met famous designers, the small groups have allowed us to work very well ..."

Ana Rosa Gonzalez

"It has been a great experience, I loved working with a small group of international students. It has given me great value..."


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