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These are the jobs with the most opportunities in the future.

It is well known that the job market is constantly changing and every year we see new sectors and opportunities in high demand. Perhaps this is something you often consider, when you decide your major in college or when you are looking for a change of job or career path. There is no doubt that technological, economic, and demographic changes keep the job market in constant change, and this is why organizations, institutions, or companies focus on foreseeing the future of the job market and anticipate the need for new jobs and professions.

For today's blog, we will focus on the latest report by the World Economic Forum: “Jobs of Tomorrow: Making opportunity in the new economy”. According to this study 133 million new jobs will be created by 2022 and 7 professional categories will generate around 6.1 million of those jobs. According to the report, the major bulk of the jobs that will be generated will be around the following sectors:

· 37% Health care sector.

· 17% Marketing, Sales, and content creation.

· 16% Data and Artificial Intelligence.

· 12% Product Development.

We will now review the jobs that are estimated to be in high demand and, therefore, those with potentially the lowest unemployment figures.

1. Medical Experts in IA and analysis.

Professional health and care professionals anticipate an increase of 37% by the end of 2022. This is mainly due not only because of the great need for health care professionals due to the current health crisis but also because of the demographic changes that are yet to come. In addition to this, digital skills and data analysis will be highly valued, so that new professionals will be able to work with new technologies including AI for the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

2- Data Scientist / Big Data Specialist.

The main task of this job is to analyze, manage, and optimize large amounts of data, allowing companies to better manage the information. This is a job in high demand as it is very useful for different departments including human resources or especially in marketing and sales, as it allows us to predict customer spending habits, and market performance.

3. Customer Success Specialist

Marketing and Sales activities will continue to be on the top positions in the job lists, especially profiles such as the Customer Success Specialist, a job that grew by up to 70% between 2018 and 2019 in Spain. These are professionals who are in constant contact with the client to ensure that they have the best experience with the product or service they purchase. According to the International Economic Forum, this profile will be in high demand and thus, a good employment opportunity in the future.

4. Artificial Intelligence Specialist

The number of job opportunities in this area has increased by 76% in Spain between 2018 and 2019, and it is estimated that the demand for this professional profile will continue to grow in the future. A Data Scientist in the professional is responsible for optimal data management and its transformation into meaningful information that can be used to determine the companies´ future steps and strategies. Today this profile is associated with ICT, but in the future is expected to gain great strength in other sectors such as education, telecommunications, and consulting.

5. Python developer.

Today, Python is one of the essential languages for programming, and therefore the number of Python developers in Spain has grown around a 48% between 2018 and 2019 and it is expected to continue increasing in the future. These profiles fit best into areas such as Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Financial Services, although in other, areas such as marketing, show a rising demand.

6. Agile Coach / Digital Leaders

The digital transformation as well as the volatile social and economic environment require fast and sudden changes, and thus companies are in need of specialized yet versatile professionals than can understand the context, articulate the necessary digital changes and implement them quickly. According to LinkedIn, this type of professionals has increased by 57% in recent years and the trend is expected to continue. The key of these experts in change is that they possess the softs skills that are necessary to manage intellectual work, coaching skills, and visual thinking. Their experts fit into sectors such as ICT, banking, consulting, telecommunications, and distribution.

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